Event Music Solutions

Need something special for your event? We can help.

Music can be used to entertain but it also performs a social function. A traditional wedding mass calls for specific requirements. We understand this and can help.

Music is also used to convey complex emotions in various art forms. Staging a dance, drama, or artistic production that requires eclectic music and sound effects? We can assist.

Your company event and product launches require a specific mood to convey the spirit of your vision? We can create.




Have a production or event that needs specific music. Let us handle that.

Require a music ensemble such as a choir or string quartet? We will source them for you.

Composition and Arrangement

Need something original for your event or you have a company anthem that requires to sound grander or more modern? We can arrange it for you.



Music materials can be hard to find, especially if it's in foreign languages with obscure publishers. Let us help you find them.

It can be tiring to handle separate music vendors, we can liaise on your behalf, especially if you need to order diverse musical sheet music or media.


Music Alchemy seeks to empower you to enjoy the art of music.

Through continuing training, courses, or individual guidance, we simplify the intricate web of music so that you may partake in its wonder. 

We specialize in musicianship courses where you are instructed to sight-read music off a page. This means you will be able to simply look at a notated sheet of music and sing it immediately.


Music Alchemy aims to blend diverse sources of music and combine it into an artistic piece of work.

We are currently working on choral-electronica, a new genre where we blend a choir with electronic music.

We are also on the lookout for musicians open to new ideas and willing to experiment and collaborate on new types of music elements. If this is you, get in contact with us!